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Welcome to the Shropshire home of charming cards and Lifted by Herbs giftboxes, designed to lift mood and bring a special message to recipients through the language of flowers and herbs. Suitable for all occasions.

Little Orchard Garden | Gardening | Shropshire

Relax in your garden

In today’s hectic, fast-paced world it is easy to forget how to relax and unwind.

When I’m in my garden amongst the herbs and flowers I feel a sense of ease and begin to slow down. The fragrant smells of the herbs and plants, the feeling of being in nature and feeling mother earth all around.

The benefits of planting a seed and watching it grow is good for the mind and sense of well-being with therapeutic benefits (floranthropy). You don’t need a garden to grow herbs, just an indoor windowsill with sunshine.

Anyone can have a go at growing herbs and feel the joys sowing and growing seeds can bring.

Greetings Cards

If you want to send a Greetings Card with a special message based on the Language of Flowers then Little Orchard Garden’s range of eco-friendly cards may be just what you are looking for.


Each card comes with an uplifting verse connecting to the flower symbolism in the design and reflecting the seasons as they change throughout the year, from the perspective of my Cottage Garden.

Little Orchard Garden | Greetings Cards | Shropshire
Little Orchard Garden | Herbal Teas | Shropshire

Lifted by Herbs Giftboxes

Little Orchard Garden’s herbal teas complement the seasons, provide a welcome break and can be calming as well as uplifting on the spirit. Someone you know will appreciate a gift of a Lifted by Herbs giftbox, complete with Greetings Card (as above).  Cards may be handwritten and sent direct to recipient if they are part of a giftbox
(please give details on contact form).


Boxes contain: Greetings Card with uplifting message; tea infuser (stainless steel), herbal tea pack, (locally sourced), herb seeds and coir plug for growing them (with instructions); herb information sheet full of facts, legends and more; herb recipe card.

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