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The Language of Flowers

Special meanings have been given to flowers for hundreds of years, in many cultures, but it was the Victorians who developed this into a real art-form. How exciting to be given a bouquet with a secret (often romantic) message enclosed in the flowers…or to carry a posy of flowers and herbs (often called a tussie-mussie) to communicate your secret feelings!

We may give red roses on Valentine’s Day but inspired by my three passions of Victorian Cottage Gardens, photography and poetry I am reviving that world of intense feelings, of unspoken emotion, of friendship, loyalty and sincerity through my range of eco-friendly and locally produced greetings cards.

These cards also reflect the seasons as we experience them in Shropshire, and they are available throughout the year. As the seasons change, so do the cards. I enjoy nothing more than venturing out with my camera and creating a posy or simply catching an image of what the plants from the garden are revealing that day. Not forgetting that trees too have their own special symbolism and you may find new leaves on twigs nestled among the images to complement the meaning. And I will whisper a little thank you to any tree that offers me a small amount of its foliage.

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