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Little Orchard Garden | Shropshire


Hi, I’m Emma and I am a Shropshire artist and gardener. My aim is to make people feel lifted through sensual experience of flowers and herbs, through sight, smell, taste…as I do every time I enter my garden and catch the beauty of a flower, smell the scent of a herb, or take a break on my greenhouse patio with a herbal tisane.

All my card images are from my garden or surrounds and I hope, together with the accompanying verses, they bring to you joy, energy and love, with a little of the vitality of the surrounding Shropshire Hills.

I adore the way the Victorians expressed their true feelings and desires through the Language of Flowers - their secret language -  and it’s been such a pleasure incorporating meanings into my designs that we can all relate to in our busy world where sometimes there is so much to do it is hard to just stop, and breathe.

I love herbs, they are a real therapy in themselves, and that is how I came to devise my ‘Lifted by Herbs’ boxes. Sipping a herb tea really does slow the world down and lift and calm the spirit….and why not watch your own seeds grow, and then use them to add zing to simple recipes? Herbs and humans go back a long way after all! And herbs were an essential and desired aspect of the Victorian Cottage Garden…as they are in mine, too.

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