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Welcome to my blog January – March 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Creating a Sensory Garden

Although the concept of the sensory garden wasn’t officially introduced in the UK until early this century, many aspects of the Victorian Cottage Garden with its clusters of herbs, edible flowers, fruit bushes and vegetables are illustrated in a modern-day sensory garden. While Victorian Cottage Gardens’ main purposes were food for the table, it goes without saying they were also a delight to the senses!

Here at Little Orchard Garden I have decided to create a sensory garden for my family and friends to enjoy.

A sensory garden is a garden or space that activates the senses! I shall incorporate herbs, edible flowers and some fruit or vegetables into my theme.

Anyone can create and enjoy a sensory garden, from little fingers to older, able-bodied and disabled alike. Everyone can gain pleasure through taste, smell, touch, sound and colour, or whichever of these senses is available to you. Time spent in a sensory garden is time for relaxing, breathing slow and deep, feeling that sense of well-being, for living in the moment and appreciating nature, wildlife and an uplifting of the spirit. And of course, you have the pleasure of eating and drinking what you have grown!

A haven can be created…whether it’s a window-box, yard, patio or part of a larger garden. Possibilities are huge, depending on what you wish to create!

The garden is looking a little dormant in January, but there’s still lots to plant and do!

I shall start off some herb seeds indoors on a windowsill…maybe sage, thyme and mint. (These are the herbs found in my winter-into-spring Lifted by Herbs boxes).

I shall start the seeds off in coir plugs, and then either keep them on a sunny windowsill or in my greenhouse, before moving them outdoors when weather becomes milder and frost free.

Herbs are the perfect staple of a sensory garden, with all the benefits they bring.

If you would like to start growing herbs with me for your own sensory garden, we can look ahead to enjoy growing herbs and edible flowers together. I shall be growing throughout the year sage, thyme, mint, lemon balm, dill, borage and fennel…and more.

Your home-grown herbs can be added to recipes and infused as an aromatic tea (such as camomile, mint, fennel and lemon balm).

You may wish to grow herbs for the sheer delight of their scents, colours and shades, shapes and textures.

This year I will take you on a journey through starting off herb seeds and bringing them on to plants and will be sharing with you growing tips, recipes and other sensory garden ideas.

Whether it’s an instant pick-me-up such as lemon balm tea or a fresh calendula petal salad, I will grow with you to tempt you and your family’s and friends’ senses!

My ‘Lifted with Herbs’ boxes are an ideal introduction to growing; and make great gifts. Quarterly you will see my new range of Seasonal Lifted by Herbs boxes and corresponding Greeting Card (linked to the Victorian language of flowers) to either send to a friend or keep for yourself. My boxes also contain a herb for growing that season, some delicious herbal or black tea with infuser, and scented tea-lights to lift or relax.

So pop the kettle on, roll up your sleeves and let’s get planting! Let’s dream of sitting outside our Victorian cottage, sipping an aromatic tea, and enjoying the sights, smells and colours around us.

That’s the dream…let’s live it!

Even if it is in our own quirky 21st century way!

Happy growing,

Em x

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1 opmerking

31 mrt. 2022

I'm starting off herbs on my windowsill to plant out in my new sensory garden. I love especially aromatic herbs like lemon balm. I like your 'lifted with herbs' box.

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